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A Carpet Tech is a great job for those with a strong back and arms or those who want to have them. A Carpet Tech is trained on the different methods of professionally cleaning carpets and provides those services in people's homes and businesses. Most Carpet Techs work either into the night or weekends to be able to take care of commercial customers, but not always. One of the benefits of Tech work is it does at times get tips.

Techs must be neat in appearance and smelling good, work well with customers, be reliable, and usually must have a valid driver's license.

May be cross-trained in hard floors, windows and cleaning as sometimes it is easier to send one person to do it all instead of a person for each task.

The next step for any Tech is usually to Tech Lead but there is the option for some of the night positions which have great growth opportunities and the ability to learn more about the company for those who have a long term interest in the company.

Carpet Tech
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